Revolutions aren't televised; they don't happen overnight." Through the course of the past seven years, Hipnotic Wheels has become proof of that famous quote!

In the beginning Hipnotic Wheels set out on a mission to bring new energy and creativity to an industry that kept seeing the same designs over and over. With their willingness to take risks and conquer uncharted waters, Hipnotic Wheels was able to take control in 2007. Undoubtedly, this was a banner year for the company, as it finally raised the industry bar. Hipnotic Wheels' designs became the standard to which all others were now being compared. As a result, Hipnotic Wheels was able to expand its market to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East.

Its drive and strong foundation has led to an increased demand and an exclusive dealer network that has more than doubled in size. Either you grow or you die and Hipnotic Wheels has certainly claimed its place in the industry. Constantly releasing new designs and taking advantage of the newest technologies available, Hipnotic Wheels has proved that change and innovation are still possible.

Hipnotic Wheels would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and continued support. We appreciate the relationships we've built with our clients and look forward to taking things to the next level.